Bluebells: Temporary but ever eternal

Temporary but ever eternal

Like an old friend that puts in an appearance from time to time the beautiful flower known as The Bluebell rises up to pay a fleeting visit to the English countryside. Usually seen between mid April and late May these flowers paint the woodland floors across many counties, adding to the richness of new life joining the seasoned veteran trees and other foliage; whose new growth reaches inexorably upwards.


Their temporary visit affords many walkers and visitors an added, but wonderful, lift in spirits as the carpet of purple flowers extends underneath the canopy above. The ear will undoubtedly be drawn to the pip and chirp of any number of young chicks freshly hatched and reaching hungrily for the next batch of food to arrive.

The breeze will undoubtedly be light, not warm, not yet, but pleasantly fresh. Upon it, the fragrance of so many lovely flowers is refreshingly mixed with the subtle dampness from the ground you walk on. The sun, low, gradually lifts throughout the day, gently warming, quietly encouraging all the new life to join in the world we live in.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed joining me in this briefest of visits to the Bluebell covered woodlands of southern England. Please do let me know what you think. Thank you. x

The Mage of Muse: Copyright © 2017 – All rights reserved


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